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All Music for the Goddess products are now only 10 dollars each. All CDs. All T-shirts. Ten dollars. Any quantity. The perfect gift for the Pagan who has everything.

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FREE music downloads and streams can be found at is at Our MP3 page and on our MySpace page.

Our first album, Goddess Mandala, will be sold out shortly. We have less than 10 CDs left that we can offer for sale. We don't have plans for a re-issue, so get yours today while they last. Remember, we will sign CDs upon request.


New Music for the Old Religion

Wendy Sheridan/Music for the Goddess is appearing LIVE at the Woven Roots Festival, June 28th, 2012, 8PM. Click the Support link for more information!

Wendy Sheridan is back in the studio, and expects to have some new songs available for digital download later this year.


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