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Website Reviews

Broomstix A site for Pagan children and their parents.

Broomstix just went live for Samhain, 2006. It's filled with Sabbat lore, stories, poetry, artwork, and craft projects geared for the season. Broomsitx is a labor of love from three Pagan moms - Natalie Zaman, Kat Clark, and Charlotte Bennardo. They are actively seeking contributors for future issues, so if you want a place to showcase your children's writing (or your childrens' writing), contact them.

Navigation of the site is simple, and takes the form of a journey through the woods. You don't always know where you are going next, just by clicking the "next" button. It's nice to stroll through in a leisurly fashion when you have the time to do so. I had a little bit of frustration trying to find a specific page to go back to afterwards, though. There are a couple of "dead ends" where you can only go back to the "splash" page and start over. Having a link to the Contents page on every page would prevent dead ends.

The graphics are very pretty, and I especially liked the flying bat animation that accompanied the poem by Lyn Sirota, Bats. My guess is that they or their contributors have created the graphics for the pages, but they don't say specifically who did what.

I think this site is getting off to a very good start. Sites for children are in short supply. Even though this site is much more asthetically pleasing than 98% of what you find on MySpace, I would like to see them move to a more "usable" format and color scheme; so our kids can learn by example. I'm sorry ladies, but I can't look at an orange backgrounds for very long without getting a headache.

I look forward to the next issue of Broomstix, and I hope you will bookmark it and make it a regular place on your wanderings on the 'net.

Mamawitch, 10/26/2006